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Who we are ?

AG-Tactical is a French company, based in Toulouse in the south of France.

Since 2017, we have been serving defense and security professionals with our products and services.

What products does AG-Tactical offer ?

The products offered by AG-Tactical are selected from the most reliable brands on the market, and comply with various MIL-SPEC, MIL-STD, ISO and NATO standards.

In addition to focusing on unique design, advanced materials and genuine expertise in the industry, AG-Tactical aims to provide products with maximum customization and modularity.

At a time when an operator's equipment requirements are constantly increasing (GPS, batteries, lasers, etc.), it's essential to have the best equipment at the right time.

Who are our customers ?

Our customers come from all horizons.

We offer our products and services to professionals such as the military, law enforcement, first responders or private security services of sensitive industries.

But we also supply a selection of our products to civilian customers.
Shooters, Airsofters or any other outdoor activities.

About the online stocks

We provide real-time stock management, and all our products available in the store are ready for shipment from our Toulouse-based warehouse.

Does AG-Tactical ship anywhere in the world ?

We ship internationally.
However, we only ship to NATO member countries and their allies.

Indeed, the patents or technologies belonging to the brands we distribute must remain within NATO or in France.

What payment methods do we accept ?

It is essential to ensure that secure payment methods are available when you place your order.

That's why we have two secure systems:

  • PayPal (through your account if you are registered or by credit card).
  • Credit card (via PayPlug).
Our customer service at your service

AG-Tactical team answers your questions from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 7 PM (UTC+2).

You can contact us by using the contact form on our website via this link.
Or, by messenger on Meta (Facebook).