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Core Survival® HEL-STAR 6® Gen III Helmet Light (SWIR)


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Product description

MIL/LE ONLY, Please contact us.

HEL-STAR 6® SWIR offers the full capabilities of HEL-STAR 6® Gen III in multiple visible and infrared spectrums.
This advanced personnel marker is designed for helmet-mounting for airborne, MFF, and ground tactical operations.

The light provides 4 defined functions in choices of white, green, blue, red, and two independent IR wavelengths, including three SWIR options. Each function is userdefined in either steady, flashing or IFF
coded operation.

Unit is shock and vibration resistant, dustproof and open sea waterproof to 90 meters of depth (laboratory 300+ feet).

The back of the flashlight has a velcro hook surface.
2 attachment points for lanyards are designed.
The system works with a single 3V CR123A battery.

Spectrum Options

  • Visible (White, Green, Red, Blue)
  • NIR (890nm)
  • SWIR (1064nm, 1300nm or 1550nm)

about the brand


Core Survival is an American company that creates effective, innovative products that spring directly from the ideas, experience, and future needs identified by active users in the field.

A chance conversation at an Air Force meeting in the early 2000s established the need for a special helmet light for PJ’s (Para-Jumper). Follow on collaboration with a helmet manufacturer and active duty users led to the first helmet mounted light that was a low profile, snag-free, break-away lighting solution for High Altitude High Opening/ High Altitude Low Opening (HAHO/HALO) parachute helmets.

The initial requirement expanded to other tailored needs within the broader SOF community.

detailed information

Technical Data

Material / Fabric


IR Capability

Built-in IR

Basic Data

Package Weight 0,4 kg

Country Of Origin

Made in the USA

Available Colors / Patterns

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Flat Dark Earth