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DriFire®/Crye Precision™ G3 Combat Shirt™ (V2)


Swatch image MultiCam®

Product description

The G3 combat shirt can be used with removable Airflex ™ elbow pads (sold separately).

Pair with the DRIFIRE®/Crye Precision™ G3 Combat Pant V2 for entire ensemble.

Policy of the MFG : Manufacturing lead time is 20 weeks with a limit of 4 units per variation. (Color and size).


The DriFire / Crye Precision G3 combat shirt is the result of a collaboration to create a professional, high-end product.

With DriFire’s Drirelease® technology and Crye Precision’s design, this generation of G3 shirt is designed for use in harsh environments and for extended wear over several days.

Drirelease® technology provides inherent fire protection, faster fabric drying (4x faster than Cotton) and odor control.

Features a zippered collar for easy on and off.


about the brand

  Crye Precision is an American company based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in the early 2000's, the company has gained worldwide recognition for its innovative and cutting-edge unifoms and its patented camouflage: the MultiCam.  Drifire is an American company founded in the 90's and specialized in fire resistant fabrics. The patented fabrics offered by Drifire have exceptional properties. In 2007, the brand offered its expertise to the US Marines. Since then, Drifire has been developing and perfecting its solutions for professional users such as special forces, navy and air force personnel.

detailed information

Technical Data

Material / Fabric

DriFire® Fortrex®

Certification / Standards

Berry Amendment compliant

Fire Resistant

Inherent & permanent

Hygienic Features

Moisture management


Odor control

Basic Data

Package Weight 1 kg


Country Of Origin

Made in the USA

Available Colors / Patterns

Color / Pattern



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