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Ops-Core® AMP Replacement Earseal Hygiene Kit


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Product description

Made for all AMPs.

Are the earseal of your AMP worn out, full of holes, dirty or simply no longer sealed ?

It’s time to change them!

It is essential that your AMP communication headset fits snugly against your ears, otherwise you are exposing your hearing to damaging sounds.

Kit includes :

  • 2 earseals
  • 2 earseal plate foam pieces

about the brand

  Ops-Core is a U.S. company working with Gentex Corp and known for its helmet system platforms and capability upgrades such as the FAST system. Ops-Core helmets are widely used by military and law enforcement forces around the world. Since then, the brand has continued to work on new products, headsets, respirators, visors and more.

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Made in the USA

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