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Ops-Core® Skeleton ARC Rails (ACH)


Swatch image Black
Swatch image Urban TAN
Swatch image Foliage Green

Product description

Made in USA

105 grams

One size fits all.

Transform your ACH type helmets (MICH 2000) into a platform capable of integrating components and accessories such as visors, mandibles, lights and cameras.
The rails offer the same carry as the FAST range.
They mount on either side of the helmet using the existing chinstrap holes.

The Skeleton version of the ARC ACH rails are lighter than the old generation ACH rails and have notches to organize all types of cables along the helmet using the serflex provided.
Compatible with ballistic visors and mandibles to provide multiple facial protection options.

The corners of the rails are designed to be compatible with Ops-Core O2 mask straps making the helmet suitable for HALO / HAHO operations.
Designed to release accessories when the torque exceeds 11 Newton meters to prevent neck injuries in the event of a snag.
Durable and lightweight construction.

about the brand

  Ops-Core is a U.S. company working with Gentex Corp and known for its helmet system platforms and capability upgrades such as the FAST system. Ops-Core helmets are widely used by military and law enforcement forces around the world. Since then, the brand has continued to work on new products, headsets, respirators, visors and more.

detailed information

Basic Data

Package Weight 643270607 kg

Available Colors / Patterns

Color / Pattern



Urban TAN


Foliage Green


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