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Shaw Concepts Elastic 556 Placard (V2)


Swatch image Black
Swatch image Coyote Brown
Swatch image Ranger Green
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Product description

The second generation of our ‘all in one’ Elastic 556 Placard. The EPV2 is a simple low profile way to carry your immediate essentials in a tight compact package.
No need to buy an additional Velcro-On Tourniquet sleeve that would just add layers to the front of your kit.

The back is all hook to maximize it’s grip onto your plate carrier’s required loop field.
With Split Bar Male First Spear™ Tubes attached First Spear™ Tubed Cummerbunds can directly interface with the Placard.

These are 1″ QASM Clip On Placards that use elastic to hold:

  • 3 rifle magazines (5.56 in nature)
  • 2 pen style items (sharpies, Decompression Needles, Chemlights, etc.)
  • 1 CAT or similarly sized Tourniquet.


Note: The elastic might be a bit tight initially however over time they will break into your liking.
Smooth mags like the traditional GI Metal Mags insert and extract the smoothest while mags like the PMAG Gen3 will have tighter retention and harder to insert and extract due to the numerous ridges on the body of the magazine.

about the brand

After some years spent in the Marine Reconnaissance Community and frustration with the gear found on the market, Shaw Concepts LLC. was created in April of 2019. What started out as just a Marine with a sewing machine and a few ideas in the barracks has flourished into a unique gear company that serves to design gear that will allow Marines, Service Members and Responsibly Armed Citizens to operate with increased proficiency and comfort that isn't otherwise available on the market.

detailed information

Technical Data

Material / Fabric






Mounting System



Hook / Loop

Basic Data

Package Weight 0,4 kg

Country Of Origin

Made in the USA

Available Colors / Patterns

Color / Pattern



Coyote Brown


Ranger Green