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Shaw Concepts Rear Document Stacker (RDS)


Swatch image Black
Swatch image Coyote Brown

Product description

Bullets and Tourniquets are not the only thing that missions/patrols require…

The Rear Document Stacker or RDS is a zippered pouch designed to interface to the rear of the ARC Placard V3, EPV2 and other Placards with One Wrap Velcro® Straps. The RDS is about 10″ Wide, 5.5″ Deep and around 1/2″ Thick and designed to carry mission essential documents like reports, maps, lists and other pertinent papers.


  • 10″ x 5.5″ x 0.5″ Pouch for documents, maps, notebooks and other flat goods.
  • Hook & Loop Velcro® Front and Rear for attaching to compatible placards.
  • OneWrap Velcro® straps for adjusting height and hardware.


This product to our knowledge is compatible with our ARC Placard V3 and Elastic Placard V2. All other placards are most likely incompatible.
It is recommended to attach First Spear Split Bar Tubes and your cummerbund to the mounted placard to properly compress the RDS when stowed. Failure to retain the placard may cause the entire set up to sag. 

about the brand

After some years spent in the Marine Reconnaissance Community and frustration with the gear found on the market, Shaw Concepts LLC. was created in April of 2019. What started out as just a Marine with a sewing machine and a few ideas in the barracks has flourished into a unique gear company that serves to design gear that will allow Marines, Service Members and Responsibly Armed Citizens to operate with increased proficiency and comfort that isn't otherwise available on the market.

detailed information

Technical Data

Material / Fabric

Nylon 500D



Mounting System

Hook / Loop

Basic Data

Package Weight 0,3 kg

Country Of Origin

Made in the USA

Available Colors / Patterns

Color / Pattern



Coyote Brown