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TRC Tactical Modular 3 Mag Carrier


TRC Tactical Modular 3 Mag Carrier

Made by Allied Industries (Cage Code : 7P200).

Snap closure magazine retention flaps.
Additional MOLLE Straps allow user to mount additional pouches.

Made in USA.

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  • Khaki
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The Modular 3 Mag Carrier, a highly durable piece of carrying equipment designed for M4 magazines and any STANAG or PMAG for M4/M16 or SCAR-L (Mk-16 MOD0) or HK416 familly.
This carrier can hold up to three magazines at once, and it keeps them secure with a responsive snap closure system.
You can expect a variety of features with this carrier including the ability to mount additional pouches and its MOLLE compatibility.

This pouch is available in the MCLCS (Marine Corps Load Carrying System) and SFLCS (Special Forces Load Carrying System) kit in the US-SOCOM equipment program.

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