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Since 2017 , AG-Tactical is growing and adapting to the various customer demands.


We offer guidance and monitoring to help you choose and master your individual tactical equipment.

Creation & Design

A dedicated team works on the creation or design of cutting-edge equipment.

Unit projects

We assist units in their equipment upgrade projects and in adding extra capabilities.

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In an constantly moving world where the threat is constantly evolving, our forces need equipment that can adapt to any situation or environment.

AG-Tactical never considers individual equipment as a simple detail, or as an “economy” of scale.

It’s an inherent part of the operator.
Comfort, ergonomics, durability and design are the crucial aspects of tactical equipment.
1 lost second, a plate carrier getting tangled up, a uniform getting itchy or misshapen, is more than enough to change the outcome of an unexpected emergency situation.

That’s why AG-Tactical selects and offers the best on the market.

Our experienced team supports professionals in modernizing or modifying their equipment.


We help professionals and administrations to find solutions appropriate to their missions and objectives.
AG-Tactical can also provide on-site follow-up to determine the finer aspects of the need.


We can create and conceive designs for specific requests that don’t yet exist on the market.
We work on large quantities (over 100 pcs.)


AG-Tactical helps special units enhance their equipment by integrating modern upgrade solutions to increase the product’s initial capabilities.