Ops-Core® Communication Headset Single Downlead NFMI (AMP)

Berry Amendment compliant and CE approved EN 352.

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Color / Pattern : TAN 499
Connector : U174

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The Ops-Core AMP Communication Headset is an advanced communication headset that integrates seamlessly with Ops-Core headsets to create the lightweight and ideal system for any mission and environment.

AMP’s 3D Hear Through (3DHT) technology and optional NFMI earplugs provide dual hearing protection that restores and enhances the natural localization of hearing and sound while maintaining clear communication for better understanding of the situation.

This ergonomic headset can be configured to meet a wide range of mission needs while providing optimum comfort and a streamlined profile.
The microphone attenuates background noise and ensures crisp communications.
It can be mounted either on the left or right ear cup or completely removed.

If the batteries lose power, 3DHT mode turns off, but the headset and earphones continue to operate for standard communications.

Operating temperature : -40° C to +55° C.


Double Hearing Protection with optional Ops-Core Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) Earplugs (sold separately for use with NFMI enabled headsets).

Noise Protection Ratings

Headset only :

  • NRR – 22 dB
  • SNR – 27 dB
  • H – 31 dB
  • M – 23 dB
  • L – 19 dB

Headset with NFMI earplugs :

  • NRR – 34 dB
  • SNR – 41 dB
  • H – 41 dB
  • M – 39 dB
  • L – 34 dB

Battery Life

Without NFMI : 120 hours with Lithium battery (21° C)

With NFMI : 80 hours with Lithium battery (21° C)


EMI Testing Standards : MIL-STD-810G

Environmental Standards : MIL-STD-461G

Salt water immersion : IPX 7

CE approved EN 352


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