AXL™ Adaptive Vest Placard (LV-MBAV)

Comes with standard cummerbund socks.

For JTAC cummerbund configuration, pair the AVP with JTAC socks.


Color / Pattern : Khaki
Sizes : Small/Medium

The Adaptive Vest Placard (AVP) for the Crye LV-MBAV modernizes the LV-MBAV by creating a platform that is compatible with industry-standard swift clip placards, EUD cases, and admin pouches.

This enables you to use Spiritus Systems, Haley Strategic, Ferro Concepts, Shaw Concepts, Velocity Systems, and other popular chest rig and placard solutions, as well as EUD solutions from Kagwerks, Juggernaut, and more.

This platform is rapidly attachable and detachable from the LV-MBAV so that you can maintain the low profile that the LV-MBAV is known.


  • Works with both side release buckles & G-Hook Placards
  • Compatible with nav boards and EUD/phone cases (Kagwerks and Juggernaut) and 5th generation communications equipment
  • Includes two ITW 1″ (QASM) Buckles
  • Rapidly detaches and attaches for on the fly scalability


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