AXL™ Placard Conversion for Crye Front Flaps

Attaches the front flap securely to the conversion so that the conversion does not separate from the front flap when used on a carrier
G-Hook is a very low profile system for EUD/Phone/Coms equipment worn on the admin area of the front torso over 6.6+ inches wide.

Made in USA.


Color / Pattern : MultiCam® Arid
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Compatible with all Crye Precision® Detachable Front Flaps, the Placard Conversion turns your Crye front flaps into rapidly changeable SwiftClip® placards. The Placard Conversion is designed for use on a JPC 2.0, AVS, and LVS (with the AXL Adaptive Vest Placard) to enable rapid switching of calibers or pouch set ups.

Work with the AVS, JPC 1.0,and 2.0, LVS, and AirLite® SPC.


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